Our zine is published irregularly, depending on time and money factors.

It started with EDGE DAY 2012.

We sat together with the bands, eating and chatting backstage about the vegan edge, when it hit me an Phil: Let’s make a zine of our own! So we did. 

Beginner’s mistakes.

Keeping it diy altogether, we spend too much time and money at the local copy shop, but the end result left us proud either way… we have been learning a lot from layouting and other flaws and will be improving from issue to issue.

Paving the road for more to come.

Since then, the zine is a steady project in our lives, we always think about new inspirations and themes for the next one. In the meantime, we have found a local printery who does our zines, even in full-color. Circulations vary from estimated sold issues. Trying to keep the costs low, we always charge as little as the printing costs might be. Sometimes we donate an amount from each copy as well.