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Friday 28th February 2015

What: Roadrage Booking Presentantion

Where: Ebrietas, Zurich-Switzerland


Best bit: Hermann’s Beans Power Mousse and our friends that travelled from other cities. 
Worst bit: The fucking rain and Cornered not having their 7” split with War Charge done with Neutral Records at the merch table. 
Raining and nasty weather here in Zurich.
There was not a little sign of light and all we got was water and a grey sky. Do I care? obviously not 🙂 the only thing I had in mind at this point was that there was a heavy weight band from the Netherlands in town together with a bunch of cool dudes from Ukraine striking back. At this point I was in class and simply coulnd’t wait to get that over with and hit Ebrietas.
Easy night at the venue.
We were making sure that everything was settle and soon enough we were ready to go.
KENTAWR from Kiev opened the show with their take of Hardcore punk jams …with our friend Mikie (former Bluesbreaker) on the vibration of vocals. To be honest with all of you, they left me with my mouth going like WHHHHHHHAAAAAT! Can you picture that?. These guys played a “kick in your butt” Hardcore punk that goes fast and powerful. I definitely want to see more of these guys.
Next band was Reminded as well from Kiev. This is another band to check out with members of SIKE taking participation on this sound. These guys are an absolutely knock-down. I think this band plays their very unique sound, осел ногами sound which brings tempo changes and some aggressive break with a distinctive voice. I hope we can still see more of these band throughout the year.
Next one on stage were Straight edge hardcore band from Kiev: SIKE.
Band formed in the end of 2011 and counting with the participation of former members of BluesbreakerClearsight and Honesty. They play a great old school sound with influences of bands like Underdog, BOLT, YOT or Side By Side to mention a few classic NYHC bands. Well, that’s the way SIKE sounds and its like when the door slammed hard on your face. It was great to see our friend Mikie performing once again.
The Ukrainian combo performance is completed and the turn correspond to the 5-member European Hardcore band of CORNERED from Leeuwarden / Holland who just launched their latest work “Sudden Death” a full length released with Farewell Records which is as well the first released of the band since 2012. This material is right on point, down to earth and with attitude.
Most of their set caused the floor to shake and sent the room into a frenzy. They definitely caused this crowd to loose their shit.
Pleasant evening in Zürich, good friends that have attended the show, travelled from other cities and supported and bands that have performed in an fantabulous way. “Show is over. Let’s go for the after party ;)”


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