Most women I know feel ugly or have felt ugly for a lengthy period in their lives. Most women I know had eating disorders. All of us are influenced by the beauty industry and the stereotypes we are expected to be living up to. You know, the airbrushed, photoshopped, underaged American Apparel model that is supposed to be a devil in bed and an angel in the kitchen while vacuum cleaning and taking the kids to school. The demands that are put on women are INSANE and impossible to live up to. The craziest part is that these are created by middle-aged men and that most women really try their best to live up to those standards. Of course, men and transgenders suffer from the beauty industry as well, and this is a personal vision of this problem. I just really wish that someday each and everyone of us may decide on what beautiful is for them without being influenced by perverted minds of middle aged men in some fashion company office smoking cigars.


The mirror is broken
The damage is done
As the blood drips
It streams out my self-conscience

Today I avoid my reflection
It’ll make it worse,
I’m so discontent and I am disgusted
With myself, with myself.

Does everyone have this?
Will this ever pass?
Are all the insecurities
Gonna haunt me ‘til my last breath?

What/who did this?
Are we all to blame?
For creating this monster
That swallows you whole and spits out the bones
If you don’t fit the standard?

Stop feeding it.
Stop stereotyping.

I’m not that poster
You’re not that commercial
And yet we all buy it