Mais Que Palavras (“More Than Words”) is a HardcorePunk band from Brasilian capital city of Brasilia,

that was formed in the year 2010.
Today I am meeting with singer of the band and good friend Manoel Neto – best known as Maneko from Good Fellas Classic Tattoos in Brasilia and Tattoos Build To Last in Zurich. 
Hi Maneko and thank you for taking the time to do this interview. We know that you’re a very busy and always on the move apart from taking care of the new gorgeous member of your family. Congratulations! 
*First of all. Could you please tell us who’s in the band and the responsibility of every member? 
Hey bro! Thanks for opening that space for an underdog band from South America! The band is Tiago on drums, Fill and Nicolas on guitar, Cesar on bass and me on vocals. I write all the lyrics and all of us put the songs together.
*What is Hardcore for Maneko? Define what it means to you personally. 
Man, I could write a book to explain that…. It means so much to me… but to be more direct hardcore is like the father i did not have since my 12 years old, made me feel welcome and safe, tought me great values, introduce me to most special people and point of views and always, even on the hardest times, it was there for me.
*Are all members of MQP straight edge or vegan? 
I’m the only straightedge in the band, and 3 of us are vegan, we are a hardcore band, a bunch of punks from totally diferent backgrounds bounded by friendship and hardcore
*Mais Que Palavras. Obviously a strong representation of the band. Tell us a bit more about what it means?
The name comes from a BANE song called Can We Start Again, listen to that song and the lyrics will say everything I could say about it.
*Why veganism? What does it mean for a band like MQP being Vegan? 
Well, we are not a vegan band, even most of us are vegan/vegetarian. I personally choose to live cruelty free cuz I dont believe in any kind of opression and slavery, and I try to aply it to all living beings despite of any body conception or race or sex or any kind of division, I put respect and love over all of this.
*What does Brasil has to offer to the world out there that ignores what you guys are musically doing here for the gender of Hardcore?
Well, I dont focus too much on nationalities or things like that, I see hardcore as one thing no matter where it comes from, the message is strong everywhere where its sincere and here wouldnt be any diferent. The only point to be reminded is the toughtness we have around us, poverty and another weakenesses from third world makes things harder to happen, so, no fame or money will ever comes from hardcore here, what i think makes things brighter on some important points.
*Which band play an influencing roll for MQP? 
Well, a lot, cuz we all listen diferent thing, but I would say Champion, Have Heart, old Comeback Kid, Verse, 108 and Terror.
*From the first split in 2013 Mais Que Livres “More Than Free” with VidaxLivre how has MQP evolved musically in your opinion? 
There was a change on the line up, one of the guitarists left and my brother Fill took his place, it was so natural that it feels like hes there since the begining, but he added some heavy riffs to it and more breakdowns, what i like a lot. As one we all got more and more in the same energy as a hardcore band, what makes easier to make songs that pass the intensity from each lyric.
*Tell us about the writing and recording process from your latest album Está em nós, somos nós “It’s in us, it’s us”? 
It was very special, I had a motorcycle crash really hard, almost died man, had lot of surgeries and some months on a bed, so i took that time to read even more, watch as much documentaries as possible and meditate, than I came up with the idea of making an album were each song theme follows one another, and the last would be the conclusion of it all. But I wanted even like this each song would work separatly, so I put down my pen and started a big project, it took a long time but I think it worth every minute I spent on it, there are diferent subjects that you see on hardcore bands, is more like a look inside our hearts and minds and search for a personal grown to make a real impact on this world, thats what its all about.
*Recently on January 17th you guys share stage with Bayside Kings, São Paulo finest Questions, One True Reason and NYHC charismatic H2O for the release of the album. How did this come together? What can you tell us about having the opportunity to play with these bands? 
Toby Morse is my personal friend since 2006 and the label that put the show together is one of the labels behind our new record so it came all together and it was very very special! For us man, we are living the dream every hardcore kid has, to be side by side people we admire and respect and even more, nowadays they call us family. Its very trancendent!
*Its there a time relation between the launched of Está em nós, somos nós and Mantra from Shelter? 
The album is out right on 20 yrs passed when mantra was released, and Adam Blake, the bass player on this album is supporting us, thats the only relation between the albums, beside the fact that I love shelter and first edgers I ever saw was them exaclty on the Mantra tour back in 96 or 97.
*During the past few years Punk has been acquainted by a no-future-mentality while hardcore its a form of expression with message of tolerance, respect, and strife for a better life. Do you think the same way? 
It always has been ups and downs on hardcore punk, from lyrics to atittude we ve seen it all. But the bands that started, this bands made the direction of a positive and friendly way of life, so I get my inspiration from this days, from Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits… All this guys that made hardcore the way I identify myself with, and thats clear for me cuz they are still here.
*Pro-life, Pro-choice, veganism, or Krishna consciousness are issues that have faded away and are not relevant anymore in these days. Do you agree on this or what’s your opinion about it? 
Humm… I think thats very personal points of view. I have my own and try keep it like this. I don’t walk with the crowd man, they normally screw up for selfish reasons and walk aways from hardcore really fast. My opinion is as a counter culture hardcore punk is, we should always stay focus on the total liberation and avoid society traps, and I’m not only talking about drugs and things like that, they control us throug food, consumism, fanatic religions and a lot of other examples that drown us in fear and lack of self confidence, basing our values on products or images that they sell us every single day. So it doest matter an especific personal choice, what matter is to end opression, violence and the root of all evil – hate.
*There’s a new member in the family. Would you be taking some time off the stage? 
I took two months and I will be back soon. I choose to take it easy with my work this year, but never with hardcore. I have a heavy dept from all hardcore gave to me and I love the feeling of gratitude and devotion of giving it back. 
*what happened with your previous project? 
There was many problems, but most of it it was becouse the angry message that spread too much hate. I saw a generation of straightedge kids full of hate, tattoos, tought guy attitude and no political positions at all, empty heads and heavy hearts. And of course they didnt last long, nothing based on hate does. So I  took sometime for myself to think and decided to go on the opposite direction. I did not changed my political positions since than, just the way of exposing them to be more constructive, and than I saw a rise of a really nice scene we have right now in our town. Of course. I did not built it on my own, but the fact that you change, changes everything around you.
*Besides playing, what are you guys looking forward to most during shows? 
We try to make it intense and full of energy, to make the girls and boys feel what we feel, and than they can make their own choices, we are all about making it strong, and going crazy on stage, cuz we feel it like this in our hearts, everyday. And most important man, to question yourself, your behavior, and how we can learn more from our own mistakes, so we can finally make a real diference on this planet. I don’t wanna die without scars, do you?





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