Dear people at Los Loosers,

please tell us…how did you have the idea to start your project, who contributed and who is in it now?

We decided to take a chance and quit our previous jobs to start this project. Mexico City doesn´t have any vegan options and we wanted to make it more vegan friendly and deliver our food by bikes. We started as just two people with zero experience, neither of us studied how to cook or make bread, but we had a vision and didn´t give up until we knew that people would love our food. It was also just the two of us making the deliveries all over the city. Now, we are expanding and have more employees in the kitchen and have a team of excellent bike messengers.

Please introduce the team to us!

Our team consists of many different types of people, from 19 years old to 30. There have been people from all over the world who have worked along side us and that we keep in touch with (Canada, USA, Europe and Japan). We give each of them a ´test week´and then decide if they will be joining our team. One of our employees right now is a very talented artist, Ana, who draws on the bags that our food is wrapped in and helps us with the posters we have made. She goes to school for art and works with us in the kitchen during the day as well. Yisus is the one who is in charge of the bread and makes it everyday and helps with the deliveries. I am the one who cooks, all the food are made of my own recipes and also I deal with many of the customers and helps the bike messengers when they need it. Chris is one of our employees who works in the kitchen and also makes the videos that we are so proud of. Yaz is a graphic designer and has been working not only as that, but in the kitchen and helping with organizing the deliveries. Stacey is from Chicago and works in the kitchen but also does a lot with music. Isaac is one of our bike messengers who has a lot of experience and is popular with the customers. Our other bike messengers are Fran and Lalo and they always do a good job. They are just a few members, we are 15 loosers.
We are very proud of the team that we have right now and consider each other family. The whole team is very friendly and treats everyone with respect. We couldn´t be happier!

At instagram we see lots of yummy dishes, what are you doing regularly?

Since 2011 we have had a wide variety of different dishes. We are coming up with new ideas every day and repeat the favorite dishes every few months. We like to have ¨themed weeks,¨ for example, this week is ¨Semana -frutal,¨which means ¨fruit week.¨ So everything we make this week is fruit based. We also have burgers every Friday and it is normally a crazy fun day. Regardless of what we are cooking, there is always homemade bread and organic veggies involved. Instagram is a tool that we use every day so people can see what they will be getting and what we are up to!

How do you advertise without a website, how do people know about you, diy flyers in post boxes?

We have made a website and it´s always improving but right now it is under construction. Los Loosers uses a lot of social media to promote our message, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Istagram. We try not to use flyers because of the waste of paper, but we do stamp all of our bags with the Looser information on it and use that as our ´business cards.´ A lot of our success is due to word of mouth and our return customers. We have also been involved in many bazars around the city, the team recently participated in an event called EcoFest and we were very successful there.

What kind of bikes and gear do the “messengers of food” wear?

All of the bike messengers have fixed gear bikes, which means they don´t have any brakes. The members of the team all have bikes and ride them regularly around the city. Of course when our bike messengers go out for the deliveries they wear helmets, have gloves for riding and have clip less pedals. We just finished making our own backpacks for the deliveries that can hold up to 45 sandwiches and desserts, the team calls one of them ¨Spaceman¨ because its so big!

Is there a problem with crime, do bikes get stolen easily?

Mexico City is highly populated, but the crime rate is just like any other city. It´s not a good idea to leave a bike unattended, but all of us have U-Locks so we have never had a problem with bikes getting stolen.

What are your favorite dishes?

Everything that we make is well thought out and made with care. We use a lot of legumes, garlic and onion so the dishes always are full of flavor! Since the bread is homemade and made every morning, it´s always fresh and soft. Not only that, but our food is full of nutrients and gives you energy for the day. Basically, we love all the food that we make!

Tell us about how you found veganism?

We have always loved animals, and when we realized the way the world works and how badly animals were abused we went straight to being vegan. There was no in between for us. That was many years ago and our whole project is based on the idea that food can be cruelty free and absolutely delicious. Everyone that is on our team has this same mindset and is vegan with pride!  Here at Los Loosers we want to show people how good vegan food can be and to inspire others to give veganism a try.

How much vegan competition do you have in the city/neighbourhood (including delivery, bistros, restaurants)?

We don´t really like to use the word competition because we are not the normal business. What we do is very unique here and there isn´t much to compare it to. Los Loosers (The Loosers) were the first vegan bike delivery service to be in Mexico City since 2011. There are a few other vegetarian restaurants, but a lot of them have ´meat substitutes´and we stay away from that and focus purely on fruits and vegetables, we don’t use soy and we don’t simulate textures or flavors of animal ingredients.

What music are you listening to in the kitchen?

We listen to a wide variety of music, from the classics like Marvin Gaye, to Guns N Roses, and popular music as well such as Daft Punk. One of our favorites to listen to is definitely Bob Dylan. We like to have calm music in the morning and as the day goes on we listen to more upbeat songs that we can dance to.

And what music is popular on the bike?

That answer just depends on the bike messenger, whatever gets them pumped up and to their deliveries on time is what they listen to

Is traffic dangerous in the city?

Here in Mexico City you don´t need to take a drivers test so some drivers are really bad. We have had a few accidents among us, but some ride more risky than others. But everything is the same in the streets here, if you are a bike, or a car, or a motorcycle you will be treated the same.

Tell us a little bit about three regular customers: where do they live, what do they order, are they at work or at home?

Most of our customers are omnivores, which is great because we feel like we can feed everyone and they like our vegan food. All kinds of different people order from us, we have had a few famous singers order, kids, business men, college kids, we´re always being surprised by who wants to order. The same is for what types of places we deliver to, sometimes its houses, other times its places of business, there are even some deliveries at parks or specific street corners. We also delivery all over the city so its hard to just pick a few customers. We deliver literally everywhere that is considered Mexico City and if a place is very far from where we are located, there is no extra delivery charge.

What would you recommend to see by bike in your city?

This city is so huge and old that any where you go you will find something fascinating. This city is full of colors and architecture, if you have a bike you can see it all and should explore by yourself in the city to see the sights. There are many museums around that aren´t expensive to see and they are usually free on Sundays to visit. In the heart of the city, you can see ancient pyramids and they are some of the best sights in the city.

Here is our latest video, you just have to click on the ´choose captions´ option in the video for subtitles!

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