Oh, well.

I do not focus on nutrients in particular. I supplement B12 (Jarrows, after experiencing a lack of B12 a year ago when hitting my 5th year being vegan). Plus, I take VEG1 once a day to keep my bloodwork in check. I get tested at least every 6 months if everything is alright. I eat what I like and what feels good (or what is tasty and feels bad like raw onions, haha). Most of the time.

I will use this opportunity to remember a time of my life where I was not in control of myself and bulimia reigned over me as harsh as not letting me keep in any (!) meal. I knew I was going to throw up before I even put that delicious meal into my body.

After more than 2 years of atypical bulimia, the wake-up call came in form of my bloodwork at my doctor’s office in Berlin:

She told me there was almost no potassium showing, a consequence related to bulimia in most cases.

So I fought hard, for months, in various forms of therapy, to regain this particular nutrient. With the help of lots of bananas 🙂

It was not only about this one nutrient. It was about resetting my mind as well.

I also want to remind you, that it is not “healthy” to circle only around healthy, clean eating all the time, to restrict yourself, to let yourself be told what you should and should not eat (be it by society, family, friends or else). I encourage you to find your own path to be happy with yourself, at any size and with what you love to eat.

All my life I have been struggling with food and nevertheless, I love it for the energy it gives me and for what force it can have.

Veganism and eating disorders are something that must be discussed in their relation to each other. What I also did on this blog and in our zine issue WORLDWIDE VEGAN.