Swabian Potatoe Salad.


In comparison to the more French-influenced Baden cuisine, Swabian cuisine is rather simple and down-to-earth. It is native to Swabia, which comprises great parts of Wurttemberg and the Bavarian part of Swabia, as well as the Allgäu which has parts lying in Austria.

Of very essential importance are egg noodle products in many variations, e.g. Spätzle or Maultaschen. Also typical are substantial soups and stews.


As the conditions for cattle with meagre and stony soils weren’t really good, the people on the Schwäbische Alb did not breed many and meat was a luxury good. Meat was mainly consumed by lords and rich people while the ordinary people had to be content with tripe and simple flour dishes. Depending on the natural conditions like those the versatility of dishes differs: in Oberschwaben the soils are more fruitful and therefore cattle could be bred so the recipes incorporate more milk, cream and cheese.

Another influence on the cuisine of Swabia had the manorial and confessional developments in the region: Old-Wurttemberg was pietistic and the cuisine in rather meagre as the nutritional aspect of the diet was paramount. In the catholic parts of Swabia, mainly influenced by Austria the cuisine is more epicurean and features a lot more opulent flour dishes. In the Plains of Hohenlohe fish, especially carp is a local favourite and the cuisines of the former Empire cities Ulm, Augsburg, Ravensburg and Biberach are very diverse and the regular contacts to Italy and France is perceptible.

In the mid 17th century the potato was introduced, soon gained popularity and was integrated in the local cuisine. Many new recipes were developed such as Schupfnudeln, potato salad and home fries.

What is nowadays considered the traditional Swabian cuisine is mainly based on the simple, hearty and uncomplicated “poor-people-dishes” (or peasant dishes) from those days.



German “Kartoffelsalat” is a popular variation that is generally prepared with vinegar, potatoes, oil, vegetable broth, bacon bits, parsley, red onion and topped with chive and served warm. This style of potato salad is usually found in Southern Germany. Potato salad from northern Germany is generally made with mayonnaise and quite similar to its U.S. counterpart. Potato salad and sausages (like Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Bockwurst or Vienna sausage) is a popular German dish for Christmas Eve.[1][2]