2015 has been a great rollercoaster ride with lots of shows and many cool people I got to meet. A year full of new music to explore and old loved bands to farewell. This is my countdown:

10. CEREMONY / 15.08.2015 / Underground, Köln

Interesting stage presence meets a mixed sound of all LPs. All together a round performance, but crowd was less in numbers than I had expected.


9. H2O / 18.07.2015 / Underground, Köln

Old straight edge skool, „my friends look out for me like family“ was a blast, had a funny education-move in the end when almost no one recognized their Minor Threat cover „salad days“.


8. DEFEATER  & KIDS INSANE/ Underground, Köln

Intense show, I love the sound of KIDS INSANE and the crowd went nuts when Defeater player their songs, much better than their last few appearences in Germany.


7. INSIST & SURVIVAL (CFS Fest III) / 23.08.2015 / AStA Keller, Duisburg

Straight edge, great announcements, stomp, crowd-shouts, singalongs, no stage – what more can you ask for?


6. JUDGE & ANCHOR / / Underground, Köln / 13.08.2015

ANCHOR was great but the crowd just did not get it – they waited for a rad performance of Judge and received it later on.


5. TRAINWRECK & Jungbluth / 19.10.2015 / AZ Aachen


JUNGBLUTH has already been a blast, but TRAINWRECK put out everything they had at their farewell and the moment they hugged each other was touching for everybody in this room. Thank you, TRAINWRECK!!


4. TOUCHÉ AMORÉ & DANGERS / 07.08.2015 /

DANGERS’ performance was the least exciting of three (AZ midnight & Fluff) I attented this year, still better than many other bands. TOUCHE AMORE was touching, I like the heart-warming speeches and a crowd freaking out on every song.


3. TURNSTILE / 24.4.2015 / Café Nova, Essen

Yeah, TURNSTILE – haven’t seen so many stage dives on a stage this small before, rad performance by everyone in this room and a unique sound they created.


2. MODERN LIFE IS WAR / 15.04.2015 / Underground, Köln

„SO WTF?!“

I love that moment when they created a human pyramid in front of the stage, or when Jeffrey lies down on stage with some fans and screaming in the mic – just intense! For me, the best concert I have ever seen at this venue!


1. BANE / often / Bielefeld, Köln, Leipzig & Budapest

So this is it. Bane’s Final European Tour had so many highlights and I even can’t tell which on was their best concert. The moment in Bielefeld when everyone jumped on stage to sing „Calling Hours“, the one time Zach and Dalbec smashed a piñata, the part where they played „Swan Song“ as their last song forever in Germany and everbody was sad and happy  simultaneously, the time Bedard said thank you to all bands and participants in Budapest and everybody knew this is now the last encore „some came running“ and „calling hours“ ever…

— the smiles, the jokes, the speeches, the stagedives, the high-fives..it all came down to this —




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