A Journey through Japan with BANE.

What you read is what you get. A compilation of beautiful, analog (looking) pictures of Japanese sceneries accompanied by a column of text with it. Written in first-person perspective, you get an idea about the thoughts the band’s members have when travelling together around the globe.

“To commit to an idea. It’s what being in a band was all about for me.”



The philosophical musings touch other Americans visiting Japan, the purpose of life and living, and death. You see old Japanese people in crowded streets and typical neon signs on the left, and read about the accounts of feeling ashamed of being American in Japan. Comparing the countries and their peoples to eachother, we follow those thoughts deeper as the voyage continues.

“Or do they look deeper? See a group of friends who really, really do not want to grow up?”


Manga porn magazines, candid shots in backstage rooms, followed by notes about Karaoke and about the intriguing places of Japan.

“Like it isn’t done with you yet. Still has so much to teach you, so much to share.”

Aaron and James did a wonderful job with this glossy zine that is really deep and a little gem. To get one of the last copies, write them at


— or simply write them because you liked what you got.



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