Wait, what? Is this it?

I cannot believe it’s over. The EP just stopped and there is only silence left. And this great band will cease to exist, too. I will see them on their last tour in Germany. I am so sad, this is such a great, commited sound. 😦 I will attend this show with a heavy heart, only to be consoled by the fact, that their music will be playing forever, just like the tracks of THE CARRIER or CARPATHIAN. ❤


Nothing less

We’re right


Three times MINDSET’s typical fast, groovy sound.

Three times imagining going crazy in the pit.

Three times screaming along.

Three times smiling like a crazy person.

Three times feeling at home in this kind of hardcore.

Three times straight edge tunes.

Three shows on these grounds left.

Three times GOOD BYE.

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Despite what Sick Of It All sang, hardcore is inherently not built to last. The genre is meant to be loud, fast, chaotic and in-your-face, and it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for career advancement (Hatebreed notwithstanding). So while it’s a bummer that Baltimore’s Mindset is breaking up this spring, it shouldn’t be entirely unexpected: The band (which includes members of Turnstile, Angel Du$t and Praise) has been pounding their chests along with the pavement for the past eight years, and it’s time to move on. On the plus side, at least the quintet is sending themselves off with a bang with the explosive three-song Nothing Less EP serving as their final will and testament. Frontman Ev Wivell explains:

“We’ve always been very meticulous in how we operate as a band and this final chapter is no different. This is something we’ve been planning for a long time. We’re proud of what we’ve built together and we’re excited to share these last songs and go out on a high note.”

Mindset’s Nothing Less EP will be released January 15 via REACT! Records; physical copies can be pre-ordered here starting at noon ET on January 15.

Mindset has a series of final shows booked from now through May. Dates:

01/29 Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman w/Fury
01/30 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/Fury
01/31 Pomona, CA @ PBW w/Fury
02/12 Berlin, DE @ Cassiopeia w/True Identity, Insist
02/13 Mannhiem, DE @ Juz w/True Identity, Insist
02/14 Sheffield, UK @ Broomhall Center w/True Identity, Insist
03/11 Detroit, MI @ Refuge Skateshop w/True Love, Union of Faith
03/12 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen w/True Love, Union of Faith
03/13 Toronto, ON @ TBA w/True Love, Union of Faith
04/01 Austin, TX @ Mohawk w/Praise
04/02 Dallas, TX @ RBC w/Praise
04/03 Atlanta, GA @ TBA w/Praise
05/14 Washington, DC @ TBA – REACT! Showcase / Final Mindset Show