I’d been looking forward to the show for a long time – not only because it was our record release, but because I’d been away for university and was happy to come back and see friends who I hadn’t been able to for a while. The atmosphere throughout the whole night was celebratory and warm, we had invited a friend our friend Ralph who does catering under the name ‘Rafa’s Tacos’ to serve vegan mexican food, so nobody even had to leave the show to get dinner. We booked the show at Bridgetown, because well, it’s our home and I don’t think there’s anywhere else that we would want to have the show.

The first band to play, Letters to Catalonia, is a new screamo violence project from San Diego. It was their first show and had been anticipated by a number of people in our area after they released an incredible self titled EP on Skeletal Lightning records during the winter.

Vril was the second band to play, who are another local favorite screamo group. Our friend Daniel, who took the photos featured in this piece, joined the band as their bass player and this was his first show, so that was great to see. Their set ripped, as has been the case every time I’ve seen them.

Our good friends in Left Astray played next. Ivan and Marcel, who do vocals and bass respectively, are the ones behind Sombras del Progreso – which is the label that helped us put out our LP. They play a type of darker blend of hardcore, D-beat and screamo.

Ghostlimb was the fourth band to play. The show that night actually doubled as a release show for their new record, Difficult Loves. I honestly think that they are a Los Angeles band that gets far less attention than they deserve. Their set, which incorporated a bunch of songs off of the new record, was incredible.

We played last. Our set started at about 11:15 PM. I think by the time we went on, a lot of people were feeling tired from having been at the show for so long – I definitely was. As soon as we started though, I think the energy in the room picked up immediately. I think we all felt really comfortable and at home playing songs that we’d worked on for so long, in the space that we had helped to build, with most of our friends there.




Silver Spool





New Hymns