Life as a woman in FARC”All the woman that are there, it’s because they rebelled against something,” said Camila. “They rebelled against their mothers and fathers. They rebelled against living in rural Colombia and having children. They rebelled against something in the system that they didn’t like.”For Camila, this rebellion was against the state’s failure to protect her. Being part of an armed group empowered her after she had faced discrimination and poverty. Camila’s role in carrying out the revolution started off as part of the propaganda team, based on her natural ability for photography and design. She later transitioned to military operations. But life in a FARC camp is not just military drills; a woman who joins an armed group doesn’t lose her humanity, nor does guerrilla life isolate her from the harsh realities of being a woman. One in three women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, and armed conflicts exacerbate the level of violence against women. Millions of women in the developing world lack access to birth control.

Quelle: What It’s Like to Be a Female Guerrilla Fighter in Colombia | Broadly