What made Garland so attracted, and attractive, to these men? Garland was bisexual herself, and although aware of her husbands’ sexualities, she considered them to be not static. Bonnie Kaye, a counselor who specializes in women who marry gay men and was once married to a gay man herself, says, “Women—who may have some idea that their husbands may have had a few ‘experimental sexual experiences’—believe that people try things, but then they realize it’s not who they really are. After all, the men want to marry them—not a man.” Garland’s own daughter, Lorna Luft, speculated that her mother was unable to distinguish between friendship and romantic relationships with her gay companions. “I remember all too clearly the screaming accusations that filled our house in the middle of the night when she encountered one of her lovers’ ‘indiscretions.’ I didn’t hear the word ‘fag’ from the kids at school. I heard it from my mother.”

Quelle: Why Famous Women Marry Gay Men | Broadly