We’re starting the tour two days before the first show because we’ve done a project where we’ve collected things in Sweden to donate to the SOS Animals dog shelter in Vilnius, Lithuania where they take care of homeless cats and dogs and make them ready to be adopted.

09/08: Vilnius – XI20
09/09: Warsaw – Znośna Lekkość Bytu
09/10: Nitra – Mariatchi Bar
09/12: Brno – TBA
09/13: Opava – Humphrey’s Bar
09/14: Vienna – DasBach
09/15: Timelkam – Bart
09/16: Munich – Kafe Kult
09/17: Biberach – Abdera
09/18: Merano – Jungle
09/19: Innsbruck – Weekender
09/20: Mannheim – Kult
09/21: Frankfurt – Dreikönigskeller
09/22: Bad Hornburg – Private show
09/23: Trier – Exhaus
09/24: Essen – Don’t Panic
09/27: Braunschweig – Klaue
09/28: Potsdam – Archiv
09/29: Leisnig – AJZ
09/30: Eisenach – Schlachthof
10/01: Halle – GiG
10/15: Wolgast – Kesselbar *
10/21: Braunschweig – Tegtmeyer *
10/22: Hameln – MAD Club *
10/28: Landshut – Lebowski * (+ Harry Gump)
10/29: Ansbach – Stoertbeker * (+ Harry Gump)
10/30: Ornbau – Private gig * (+ Harry Gump)
10/31: Hof – Private gig * (+ Harry Gump)
11/02: Nürnberg – Kunstverein * (+ Harry Gump)
11/03: Leipzig – Zu Spät * (+Harry Gump)
11/04: Erfurt – TBA * (+ Harry Gump)
11/05: Berlin – Café Köpenick * (+ Harry Gump)
11/26: Berlin – Zur Glühlampe *
11:30: Berlin – Schockoladen
12/01: Melnik – Stara Mydlarna
12/02: Valašské Meziříčí – Music Bar Lira
12/06: Hof – DIY show
12/07: Erfurt – Tiko
12/09: Augsburg – Ballonfabrik
12/17: Hamburg – Menchanzoo
12/18: Gadebusch – K u T

* folk-punky shows, acoustic with soft drums, accordion and other weird instruments!

listen to their sound here


Restless and bored, we decided to start a punk band, bet a Volkswagen van and tour as much as possible to get a chance to play the music we love and see places we’d never get to see if it wasn’t for the music.  We like to keep the intensity very high with both me (Martin) and Paulina on lead vocals and switch rapidly between punk, ska, rock’n’roll and folk in our songs!  Since that day in the summer of 2011, we’ve done houndreds of shows in 12 countries.
Right now we’re on our way to the biggest project so far with four months of shows in Europe, all booked DIY. It’s been an insane amount of work to get this thing done but now we just have the fun part left with a big bunch of shows a head of us and we can’t wait to share sweat, blood and tears with the crowds around Europe!

How did you all become vegans and how is veganism involved in your  daily lives?

I’ve considered my self an animal friend my whole life and grew up on a small yard with pigs and chickens who got to live till they got old and then became food for us. I was ignorent enough to belive that that’s how animals normally live before becoming food for humans. It’s obviously just fucked up and childish to believe that and there’s really no good excuse for it.
It wasn’t until I meet Paulina I really started thinking about this and she said one thing that I will never forget and that just turned everything around for me, she said “Martin, you are too smart to do this”. Bam, that was it.

When Magnus started playing with us and went on tour with us for a month and eat vegan food with us and just kept going with it.

Now being vegan is just common sense, I mean why on earth would you harm an animal if you don’t need to?
It’s really that simple and it’s so fucking frustrating to hear all the ignorant shit people say to defend their “right” to eat animals. But I also know that I was one of those people before and if I could get enough information to realize what the fuck is going on, then so can everyone else and that makes me positive about the future for animals!

Tell us about the shelter you are supporting.

In 2012, just before we went on our first bigger tour (6 weeks around Europe) Paulina heard from friends about this shelter for homeless dogs and cats in Vilnius where they take care of animals that are homeless or have been abused and so on and gives them somewhere to live and the proper care and medical needs to become healthy animals again, ready for adoption.
Paulina was working at a pet store at the time so she called som supliers and producers and got food and medicin and really valuble things to donate to the shelter.
It made a big impression on us to go to the shelter and see all the animals and to see the great work the people did there (for free).
Now is the third time we’re doing this and our van will be so packed with stuff but it’s the first stop on the tour so it’s okay to travel super uncomfortable for just the first days!=)

 Why is it so important to not shop but adopt animals?

There are so many lovely animals in shelters today, in need of new homes, in need of new human friends to give and take love from!
I think we should focus more on helping out those animals before we breed up more animals.