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Song On Song

gougeawayphoto by Nick Zimmer

It’s important to establish the fact that Gouge Away is a woman-fronted hardcore band. It’s important to make that distinction because hardcore–which is dominated by mostly white, heterosexual, cisgendered men–is often entrenched in the male gaze, empowering (for better or for worse) young men, giving validation to their anger, perceived victimization, need for expression, and point of view. But where do young women fit in?

Enter Gouge Away. Headquartered in South Florida, Gouge Away delivers blast after blast of enraged sonic energy, speaking out against issues like rape, alienation in the education system, and animal testing. The music itself is blistering and airtight, the kind of relentless hardcore that hits like a freight train, but what sets Gouge Away apart is the female perspective cutting through the mix. When you look out across the audience of a Gouge Away show, those in the front row screaming…

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