While the article’s intention may not have been a negative one, the suggestion that Halsey is “toning down the queerness of her image” directly plays into the notion that she must choose straight or gay, and Halsey seems to have taken issue with the undertones of bi-erasure in the article. She chastized Buzzfeed for “Going so far as to weigh my number of male vs female friends to determine if I’m a ‘lez bro’ or just a big hetero slut.”Halsey raises a very important point about bi-erasure, something many bisexual individuals struggle with—the notion that same-sex relationships are a phase creates a level of discomfort and stress for those who identify as bisexual. It suggests bisexuals must choose one label and commit, or else their same-sex experiences are simply frivolous and passing. We’re thankful to Halsey for bringing light on the issue.

Quelle: Halsey Responds To Buzzfeed Article About Her Sexuality