Sorry, folks, recently, my phone which once recorded in perfect HD lets me down, but here you can at least get a sense of how nice it was to see MUNCIE GIRLS’ set:

When I talked to Lande yesterday after they opened for APOLOGIES, I HAVE NONE, I took my chance to speak to her about feminism, gender and punk. ❤ read all about it in our upcoming issue in November!

Recently, Lande’s workplace and social space THE CAVERN in Exter had experienced a severe fire, and the band encourages you to put your donation for FIVE MILES AWAY to this good cause:

Okay, so as some of you already know, there was a really bad fire in our local venue The Cavern in Exeter on 6th September. The damage is severe and it’s going to need a lot of work before it can reopen. Everyone is being brave and super positive but truthfully it’s a really sad thing to have happened.

Like so many other weird kids, we’ve been going there since we were 16 and we played our first shows there. Everything we know about bands comes from the people that we learnt from down there and without that place I’m pretty sure we’d all be either really embarrassing musicians that take themselves too seriously, or be stuck in a job we don’t like.

Also I’ve worked there since I was 18 and Pippa and Dave always let me go on tour and work when I was home. It was a rare privilege that I hope I never took for granted. My life would look entirely different if it wasn’t for the Cavern and so would this band.

Lewis Johns from The Ranch recorded this song in one take the day after the fire. If you download it, the money will go to help The Cavern in its reopening.

P.S. The song is written from the narrative of Sue Townsend, author of the Adrian Mole books, on the day she and her children were left scouring the streets for money because of the welfare state’s incompetence and underfunding.


The Cavern –
Artwork by Brian Butler (


It was five miles home which I could walk if I was alone
but the kids couldn’t carry their weight.
We’d been running round all day trying to get our weekly pay
from the unsupportive welfare state.
I couldn’t believe it when I got to the front of the queue
because it was three days before my money would come through.
Our bus fares weren’t much but I was shot out of luck
and it’s hard to stay strong with no food.

I always hated seeing my mother cry.
With that in mind, I turned from my children
and tried to picture a better life that’s not mine.

We looked for money on the pavement.
We looked for money on the street.
When you try to talk to strangers,
the words get stuck behind your teeth.


released September 15, 2016


Also, they have a benefit single for REFUGEE ACTION going on:

Check out their huge array of musical output: