“The abortion I had at 18 happened at a time when I was recovering from the violence of my childhood, and trying to find a way out of the poverty of my childhood,” Bruns tells Broadly. She’s been adamantly pro-choice since she was in middle school, and she’s certain that she wouldn’t have survived and thrived in the way she has had it not been for her choice to get an abortion. But it wasn’t until the 2009 murder of George Tiller, a doctor who performed abortions in Kansas, that Bruns became seriously involved with reproductive rights activism.”I realized the fear this would cause, for clinic patients and clinic staff, and that was just intolerable to me,” Bruns tells Broadly. She began volunteering as a clinic escort, helping patients make it through the gauntlet of anti-abortion protesters who often throng outside of providers, brandishing signs bearing graphic, zoomed-in images of embryos and pamphlets about the evils of abortion. She says she’s heard protesters shout outlandish claims, such as “Don’t go in there, that doctor rapes women on the table!” Today, she serves as board chair for the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia Foundation.

Quelle: ‘Abortion Saved My Life’: The Activist Who Shields Women from Clinic Protesters | Broadly