Mostiller listens to the voices of women who need the money for a second trimester abortion, which can cost up to $1500. She can only give each caller $300 at the most, and in some cases she can’t give them any money at all. “Folks leave a voicemail and we try to call them back within 24 hours. The voicemail is open three days a week between 3:30 and 6:30,” she explains to me over the phone. Some days she’ll get six calls, and other days she’ll get up to 15, but in either case she can only deliver relief to a fraction of the callers. Last year, through grants and fundraising, CAF had $45,000, which they they were able to give money to 209 women. This year, they have $55,000.”We let them know in the voicemail that we can only fund a third of our callers just because we get a lot of calls. We let them know that if they don’t hear from us that means we’re unable to fund them,” she says pragmatically. “I don’t like the idea of calling folks back to say that you can’t fund them. They’ll see the number and get their hopes up. I just know what it feels like, so I’m really conscious of that.”Still, she tries to help in any way possible. “Sometimes when we’re not able to fund someone we can direct them to other resources. I’ll try to coordinate with other funds in the Midwest to see if they can help them. I try to get as many resources out as possible. Even on our voicemail we leave some resources,” she says. It’s always nice to be able to give some kind of support even if it’s not the crucial thing that they’re calling for. It’s never-ending, necessary work.” It sucks that we exist.

Quelle: The Woman Who Raises Money to Fund Abortions | Broadly