“Today I have Israeli Jewish sisters,” said Maryam, a 35 year old teacher from “near Jenin.” Enthusiastically, she clapped along as others danced. Maryam acknowledged that she didn’t want to give her full name because “not everyone in my family agrees. Especially not the men, who don’t want women to express themselves.” She added, “I came here, even though I had to take off a day from work, because I do not want anyone to be killed — not by soldiers, not by terrorists. We women want peace and security for everyone. And I know that most people in Palestine think like me.”Fadwa Shear from Ramallah added, “We cannot count on men to create peace. We will have to do it by ourselves.”

Quelle: ‘We cannot count on men to create peace. We have to do it ourselves.’ – Israel News – Haaretz.com