While a public hospital in Hong Kong will perform an abortion at up to 24 weeks of gestation, long waiting lists and the city’s notorious medical staff shortages can make it nearly impossible to get an appointment, a problem that’s exacerbated during periods of high demand, such as cold and flu season. But there are also basic legal barriers: Hong Kong’s abortion law states that, for an abortion procedure, two doctors must sign off that the birth of the baby would cause a female patient severe mental or physical harm, or that the baby would be born seriously handicapped. Private hospitals offer abortions without nearly as much red tape, and appointments are more immediate, but advocates say the procedure there can run as much as $2,000 and up. In 2012, the most affordable private hospital in the city—Hong Kong Central Hospital—closed. According to a South China Morning Post article from that year, it had provided a large percentage of the abortions in the city.

Quelle: In Hong Kong, Accessing Abortion Is Difficult, Expensive, and Dangerous | Broadly