They dichotomize men into two types: “alpha” and “beta.” Alpha males are dominant, tough, brutish, and have regular sex with attractive women; betas are weak, emasculated, and sympathize with so-called “social justice warriors.” (Unsurprisingly, many are fans of Donald Trump, and some men’s rights activists have also flocked to join the so-called alt right.)If you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen Fight Club, the plot is relatively straightforward: Anomic 30-something Jack (Edward Norton) creates an alter ego, the macho and anarchic Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). Durden creates a movement which sees disenfranchised men meeting up to physically beat the shit out of each other, eventually forming a group called Project Mayhem. His ultimate goal: Destroy the pillars of corporatism so men will once again regain their importance and purpose.

Quelle: How ‘Fight Club’ Became the Ultimate Handbook for Men’s Rights Activists | Broadly