In this new category, Kat will show you great music that found her, not the other way around. From time to time, people from all over the world find us and the zine and write to us with their creations. We totally want to support cool, diy, political projects. So, this is their space



Hi It’s me Loren I do vocals in Maricòn we’re from the inland empire in Southern California aka the Badlands we just released our debut that we recorded with Madison Woodward and Colin Knight at paradise records and you can listen to it here and buy the tape from here hope you enjoy 🙂

Uh, hi there, I might just have fallen in love! 🙂

Don’t be a fool
making me sick
think with your mind not your dick
we have feelings can’t you see
Shedding tears with a smile on your face
abuse depression
it’s driving me insane
enough is enough its time for a change

Living Oppressed Violence Everywhere

this for every one who felt they can’t be who they are in society
Be yourself We’re not in this alone

Buy the tape


released November 5, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Madison Woodward and Colin Knight
Paradise Records
Artwork done by Ally Gomez


tags:punk xicana hardcore queercore transcore youthcrew California



.lgbtqia+ activist

.intersectional feminist

.vegan 2009

.straight edge 1998