Yes, 2017 is already 2 weeks old. And yes, we have taken our time in choosing a new blog to reblog for 2017.

In the past, we already presented you with annual or half-annual reblogs, mostly consisting of yummy recipes.They were both German (KNUSPERKABINETT) and English (TARTES & RECREATION) and always acted as teaser to go check out some blogs that caught Kat’s eye.

This time, Kat rose to the occasion and treated herself with 3 years worth of digital issues of CHICKPEA MAGAZINE that she was eye-balling even longer than those 3 years.


Kat always wanted to buy the physical copies, but the shipping is horrendous, it almost exceeds the worth of the product. So, with a heavy heart, here is to PDFs 🙂 she will also we featuring them in our upcoming issues in 2017 as a review.

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A great way to check CHICKPEA out, if you have not heard of them before, or see Kat share their issuu previewss here before is through the platform ISSUU which we also use for our full issues: CHICKPEA ON ISSUU.


Kat will go into detail on this in our own print issues for sure, but Cara and Bob share a lot of the ideas that she and Phil do. Being adfree, asking for submissions, presenting recipes from others, being DIY, and oh, the gorgeous hand lettering of Cara! ❤


Check out her own site here: CARA LYNNE LIVERMORE *___* that is where the differences begin, Cara is a total pro! ❤ (and Kat is not)

I’m a 29 year old living in Rochester, New York. I love food, design, and great conversation.

I specialize in food & lifestyle photography, screen-to-print design, and hand-lettering. I’m great at bringing lots of pieces together to turn them into something amazing.

I got my degree in illustration & drawing, but worked in a really interdisciplinary art department – so I got to learn the finer points of photography, printmaking, and design. After school, I wanted to explore my love of food and my newfound veganism, so I started a tumblr blog called hipsterfood. Fifty-thousand followers later, I really wanted to do something more with the audience I had built. So in 2011 I started an indie magazine called Chickpea as a response to everything I disliked about mainstream publications. Issues of Chickpea are now in print around the world and hipsterfood reached a whopping 250,000 followers.

I’m currently available for freelance work in publication design and food photography.

Chickpea is a vegan food & writing quarterly, here to bring whole-foods cooking & living to a beautiful, practical level. Looking for inspiration to start cooking more, to start being more conscious in your habits, to live more DIY, to get offline and enjoy something beautiful?
Our issues are filled with food, recipes, discussions, articles, interviews, city guides, book reviews, and much more. We’re not a news magazine – think of us more like a timely, independent mini-cookbook/coffee table book. Our print issues are made with gorgeous recycled materials, meant to last; our digital issues are easy to read on tablet, laptop, or computer alike. 

All of our content comes from people all over the world, from any background and skill level. And as always, we have no advertising in any paid issue, ever.

Don’t you just love this last bit in particular? ❤ ❤ ❤ we do!

Who they are:

design & content / Cara Livermore

sales & shipping / Bob Lawton

We kicked off our full year of weekly CHICKPEA reblogs yesterday with one of the most important topics for vegan life: LEARNING HOW TO COOK!

Want even more of CHICKPEA?

Here is to a year full of fellow minds across the pond. Welcome, CHICKPEA MAGAZINE. 🙂