going offline feels good

a noiseless break is priceless. whether it makes physical noise or not, the internet can feel frenetic. there’s always something to check on, notifications pop up at the worst times, and our attentions go in many different directions every time we’re on a digital device. when i want a break – a true break – i go offline. whenever i go camping, i bring along a couple of magazines and a book because it takes me completely out of my normal hectic world. it feels more refreshing to step away from the screen for a while.

paper feels & looks better

if you’ve never gotten our magazine, or similar high-quality publications, you may not understand the pure tactile enjoyment of flipping through our pages. there’s something about the uncoated paper that brings images to life and wakes up your fingertips.you never have to charge, update, or back up a bookprint has a simplicity that seems to be slipping away in popular culture, year by year. it’s never made incompatible with chargers, docks, operating systems, or the latest technology. it doesn’t take up space on your hard drive or cloud storage. it just IS, and that makes us love print even more.

Quelle: Why We Love Print – chickpea magazine