Full lineup: The Proletariat, Murder In The Wood, Xylitol, Health Scare, Anna Vo, and Novemthree


This afternoon I was fortunate enough to see THE Proletariat from the early 80s in Massachusetts play a garage in Tacoma. It was SICK. They sounded great, and saw just a bunch of smiles in the room from folks who knew how cool this really was to see. This show had a great lineup as part of Bleak Outlook, a fest @skiffthemyth puts on each year. Was glad to make it for part of it, and there are cool things happening all weekend. I was also super excited to catch Xylitol on this. Saw them back at the last G.L.O.S.S. show, and they are really good. Turns out they have some Boston roots too and used to go to the shows I was photographing at the ICC. It was the 2nd to last show supposedly Murder in the Wood. They were cool to check out. Set got very dark with no lights so I tried not to blind everyone with my flash, hence the silhouetted shots. Health Scare also played and covered Circle Jerks. Been cool to catch them at a few shows lately. I also caught part of the early show so I have a couple pics up from that too with much quieter music.