The film follows Shula as she is driven across Zambia in rusty minivans and smart 4x4s by Banda, who acts partially as her mentor, and partially as a sort of spiritual pimp. She’s asked to pick a thief out of a lineup (pick the one who looks guilty, advises a fellow witch she calls for help); to bring rains to end a drought; she even appears on daytime TV, hawking Banda’s line of witch-blessed eggs.Shula is a mostly silent presence throughout. She’s shunned by her village, physically dragged out of school, and exploited by Banda for financial profit. In a pivotal scene towards the end of the film, Shula questions whether it might have been better to cut her ribbon and become a goat.

The Film Shedding Light on the Modern-Day Witch Hunts in Zambia – Broadly