Lush has posted an apology on Instagram – a slightly baffling photo of their ethics director, Hilary, holding a bunch of flowers together with a contrite caption – and said that they want to hold an event to discuss body issues. This is all good, but the offending images have not been deleted. With them, Lush is promoting the idea it’s so completely fine to have a go at people for their bodies that even a cosmetics company can do it. Not only that, an ethical cosmetics company. If Lush does so many good things and has had a go at fat people, then having a go at fat people must be ethical too… right? Such a lovely message for the countless young people who are fans of Lush to be absorbing. Why is body confidence so low in that generation, again?

Sort it out, Lush. Until you show that you’re making real, positive steps to improve this situation, then many fat people and previous fans of yours will not be buying your products. Oh, and by the way, 70 per cent of deaths are not preventable. You will die even if you are the thinnest, healthiest, organic-buying vegan in the world. Stick that in your bubble bars and bathe in it, why don’t you?