Who are you?

I’m Camila Rosa, 28 years – vegan, straight edge and feminist. I’m a designer and illustrator born in a small city in the south of Brazil called Joinville.

Where do you live?

Since June/2016 in Brooklyn NY.

Top things about your city?

There are many cool things in Brooklyn. I really like to walk around here, enjoy the time outside, go to the parks like Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park etc. Also, there are many vegan places to eat, so I’m enjoying so much to live here right now.

What do you do for fun and passion?

When I’m in my home, I like to draw as much as I can, because now I have time to do this. In Brazil, I worked full-time as a designer in an agency, so I didn’t have time to dedicate myself to illustration. Besides that, in Brazil, I really liked going to punk/hardcore gigs or to organise my only gigs. I have many friends who play in bands, so we are always involved in punk/hardcore. That was my passion since I was 13 years old. Here, I went to some gigs but it’s not the same thing. And finally, I really like to watch movies, listen to music, read new things and cook vegan food!

Why do you do this?
Because drawing today is my profession, so I need to practice every day and also because I love to do this. And I liked to go to punk/hardcore gigs because this is part of who I am, punk/hardcore taught me so many things in my life, that was where I heard for the first time about veganism, feminism and many other political things.

How did you first start with doing artwork?

I start to draw in 2010 with the Coletivo Chá – an art collective that I have in Joinville with 4 other girls. So, I always liked to draw, but I never tried to do in a more professional way or for other people. With the collective, this happened for the first time. Since then, I’m in love with illustration and I’m trying to make this my profession. It’s too hard to live by just doing art in Brazil, so I always had to work with design and make my illustrations in my free time after work or on the weekends. Now I’ve been having time to dedicate myself only to this and it has been awesome for me.

What are your most favorite things you have ever done artistically?

I think my favorite thing was when my work was featured in an U.S exhibition in February by The Amplifier Foundation + Women’s March called “Hear Our Voice” only by women artists. It was like heaven for me and I was really happy!

Any big plans or visions ahead?

My big plan for the future is definitely establishing my career as an illustrator and to put my work on the world to help women.

All bodies are beautiful – would you like to comment with your thoughts and not only with your art on this topic?

We live in a world constructed by advertising and with many rules for women. Especially in Brazil, women have always to be skinny, have a big butt, big tits and this is totally disgusting and problematic! We have many girls who hate their own bodies, hating their weight since childhood, hate their curves, their hair, skin and many other things that you can’t imagine. So we need to change that! We are in the second place on the ranking of plastic surgery in the world. We have a serious problem! We need to understand that we are all beautiful because the beauty is in our mind, it’s only a construction of society!

Why do we all need feminism?

Because every person that believes in a world with equal rights needs feminism! We need to build a new world where women and men can live without suffering from sexism. Where women don’t die just because they’re women.